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Despite the Student Debt, College Education Increases Economic Confidence

“Is college worth it?” is a hot topic right now with rising student debt levels due to college education costs. Today a new report was released through CivicScience’s partnership with Hamilton Place Strategies, in which our joint Economic Sentiment Index (ESI) data was leveraged to examine the impact of both education levels and student debt […]

Buying In-Store vs. Online: What Consumers Value Most

Consumers care about different things when buying various products in a store or online, and with the holidays around the corner, it’s important for retailers to be mindful of consumer preferences while shopping. CivicScience today released three different retail reports, which highlight what consumers care most about when buying various products both in stores and online. The […]

Immediate Reaction to ESPN’s Suspension of Bill Simmons

After news of ESPN’s decision to suspend sports writer Bill Simmons over his recent Roger Goodell tirade hit the interwebs last night, we deployed a poll question to see how consumers were reacting. A little over 12 hours later we have a representative sample of 2,424 US adults to look at. Less than a day […]

Will You Spend More, Less, or the Same This 2014 Holiday Season?

Despite U.S. consumers having higher overall confidence levels in the economy and personal finances now than they did a year ago (see our ongoing Economic Sentiment Index), 77% of consumers say they will be spending the same or less this coming holiday shopping season. Only 13% say they plan to spend more. This is not […]

You Don’t Need to Have Kids to be Happy

I hope you’ve read the analysis we published on about the differences between parents and non-parents in the U.S. If you haven’t read it, here are the Cliff’s Notes: On most lifestyle metrics (sleep, fitness, diet, social life, travel, and entertainment), non-parents generally appear, according to the data, to have a better quality of […]

72% of Us Splurge on Ourselves – But Who Splurges on What?

For some of us, it’s more of a rare opportunity than for others: Being able to “splurge” on yourself. The amount of dollars involved in such a splurge may vary widely, based on income and/or personal beliefs. 72% of us do take those opportunities to splurge – but our choices on what that splurge involves also […]

Measuring Consumer Sentiment Toward Online Data Privacy: Part 1 of 2

For all the conveniences offered by a digitized world, the risks are headline grabbing. Just ask Target. Or Jennifer Lawrence. Or the data brokers being scrutinized by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. And, I guess as of today, we can add Home Depot to the list too. CivicScience instead asked U.S. adults to voice their […]

What the Mainstreaming of Marijuana Means to Marketers

To the people I knew growing up, smoking pot was as much about rebellion as it was about the high. Some people – the good students and athletes with a wild side – got a rush by hiding it from the clean-cut jocks and bookworms. Others flaunted it – with their Grateful Dead tie-dyes and […]

Why People Should Care – A Lot – About Online Polling

Nate Silver recently published an insightful article on his blog about the state of the polling industry in the U.S. As he rightly points out, longstanding methodologies are at odds with the way consumers behave today. A shrinking number of people have landline telephones and fewer regularly answer them. Silver cites the prohibitive costs and […]

Un-plugged – Part 2: How Long Do You Disconnect?

We had an overwhelming response to data insights we recently published about how frequently (or, as it turns out, not so frequently) consumers un-plug from their personal electronic devices. The frequency question that we ran on our intelligent real-time polling and insights platform allowed for the 8,700+ respondents to define for themselves what “un-plugged” meant […]

The Great Chicken Wing Debate – Part 3: The Heat

A lot of people have asked why I’ve spent so much time lately studying consumer sentiment about chicken wings. The answer is simple: Because there aren’t as many divisive questions about bacon. By now, we’ve covered wings versus drums. We’ve covered blue cheese versus ranch. In the final installment of this sure-to-become-a-literary-masterpiece trilogy, we look […]