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What the Mainstreaming of Marijuana Means to Marketers

To the people I knew growing up, smoking pot was as much about rebellion as it was about the high. Some people – the good students and athletes with a wild side – got a rush by hiding it from the clean-cut jocks and bookworms. Others flaunted it – with their Grateful Dead tie-dyes and […]

Why People Should Care – A Lot – About Online Polling

Nate Silver recently published an insightful article on his blog about the state of the polling industry in the U.S. As he rightly points out, longstanding methodologies are at odds with the way consumers behave today. A shrinking number of people have landline telephones and fewer regularly answer them. Silver cites the prohibitive costs and […]

Un-plugged – Part 2: How Long Do You Disconnect?

We had an overwhelming response to data insights we recently published about how frequently (or, as it turns out, not so frequently) consumers un-plug from their personal electronic devices. The frequency question that we ran on our intelligent real-time polling and insights platform allowed for the 8,700+ respondents to define for themselves what “un-plugged” meant […]

The Great Chicken Wing Debate – Part 3: The Heat

A lot of people have asked why I’ve spent so much time lately studying consumer sentiment about chicken wings. The answer is simple: Because there aren’t as many divisive questions about bacon. By now, we’ve covered wings versus drums. We’ve covered blue cheese versus ranch. In the final installment of this sure-to-become-a-literary-masterpiece trilogy, we look […]

Selfies and Kids: The Great Control Debate

I find it fascinating that when going out to a nice, new, hip restaurant with any of my teenage relatives, they take lots of photos with their smartphones and upload their faves to the preferred social media site du jour. Not photos of us as a group. Not of the décor. Not usually even of […]

Meet you for lunch… at Dunkin’ Donuts. Or Starbucks.

First, Taco Bell turned the burrito on its side with the recent launch of a new breakfast menu; now traditional morning daypart chains Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks are looking to extend their bite to the much-larger lunch slice. Although Dunkin’ has already been after the coffee-drinking market that still makes up the largest piece of […]

Our Economic Sentiment Quarterly Report is Out (Q2 2014)

In the second quarter of 2014, consumer confidence was up… a little… for the year, but still lower than one year prior. As part of CivicScience’s partnership with Hamilton Place Strategies, our latest quarterly report on the Economic Sentiment Index (ESI) was published today. The in-depth report includes these highlights: Summary: The quarterly measure of […]

The $10 billion question: Who is the Snapchat user?

There’s a lot of new buzz surrounding Snapchat’s valuation (which we also commented on back in December 2013 in a piece co-authored with Mark Cuban). Amidst a new tech bubble, Snapchat has gone from a $3 billion valuation to $10 billion in about 9 months, with really no new revenue stream in that time. So what […]

Parents Are In No Rush To Go Back-To-School Shopping

Back-to-school ads are in full swing, trying to get parents and children into stores earlier. This year, several retailers like Target and Staples are trying different marketing tactics to lure customers in earlier and away from the competition. The question is, will retailers’ efforts pay off or do parents already have their minds made up […]

The Great Chicken Wing Debate: Part Two

Two months ago, we published some landmark research on which part of a chicken wing people preferred most. While we are still waiting on news of our Pulitzer Prize nomination for this masterpiece, our crackpot team of scientists have delved into another polarizing chicken wing debate: Blue Cheese or Ranch? To explore this exciting frontier […]

Millennials Have Interesting Regional Differences

Many marketers covet Millennials, conducting extensive research on what makes these consumers tick and to better understand their personas. CivicScience recently took a different approach in researching this demographic group, to drum up some fresh insights about our beloved 18-34 year olds. We wanted to see if there are any regional differences that are noteworthy, […]