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The Quick-Service Restaurants’ Healthy Food Fight

In all likelihood, health-conscious eating — and therefore dining out — will become more increasingly popular, which means that leading restaurant brands must be prepared to do battle for these customers. Among quick-service (“fast food”) brand leaders, this is a fight already well underway. But, do any of the chains have a head start? Who’s […]

More Insights on iPhone vs. Android Users –

As an Android user, I seem mostly to be an outlier in the recent data insights generated by one of our advisors, who used our InsightStore data to compare iPhone and Android users across a number of attributes. I’m female, I’m in a management role, and I’m in marketing. However, I can say I am […]

Who Will “Turn” Up for AMC’s New Series, and Will it Be a Viewer Game of Thrones?

Sunday night, April 6, is the start of season four of the popular series Game of Thrones, a fantasy drama TV show, and also the premiere of the TV show Turn, a Revolutionary War spy drama. One show is premium and well-established content on HBO (Game of Thrones), while the new arrival belongs to cable […]

TGI Fridays is the Place for Sports Fans and Tweeters, While Chili’s Draws More Music Mavens

An interesting dynamic is hitting the Casual Dining Chain Restaurant industry. While 2014 is projected to be a record sales year by the National Restaurant Association, FSR Magazine reports that the number of households earning $70,000 or more annually is declining, calling it “a development that is particularly hurtful to the restaurant industry, as this […]

Expectation Science and the Predictive Consumer – CivicScience Presents Findings at ARF Re:THINK 2014

Today, CivicScience presented its latest research findings on predicting consumer trends at the Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) Re:THINK 2014 Conference in New York, NY. The findings are detailed in a white paper titled, “Using Consumer Insights to Look through the Windshield, Not the Rearview Mirror,” which was selected by the show as a Top 10 […]

Who’s Planning to See Divergent in Theaters?

For the past two months, we’ve asked people if they plan to see the movie Divergent; whether it be on opening weekend, in theaters at some point, at home, or not at all. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the film, so we are sharing 20 of the largest differences between people who plan […]

Five Guys Wins the Trophy for Attracting the Biggest Sports Fans

But, No Surprise, Sports Fans Love All of the Fast Casual Burger Joints There are few things that go more hand-in-hand than tailgating for the big game and grilling burgers.  But, while brands and advertisers spend billions annually trying to appeal to the coveted US sports fan, you’ll see very few sports marketing dollars coming […]

Fans of Both Chipotle and Major League Soccer Should Like New Partnership

Earlier this week, Chipotle Mexican Grill and Major League Soccer (MLS) announced that the popular chain restaurant will be the “Official Fast-Casual Mexican Restaurant” of MLS and 12 MLS Clubs. (You can read the press release here.) This will be Chipotle’s largest single sports partnership, and their CMO Mark Crumpacker said in a statement that […]

Predicting the Oscars Doesn’t Suck as Much as Predicting Grammys (But It Still Kind of Sucks)

A little more than a month ago, we tried to predict the Grammys. You might question the wisdom of trying to predict something that’s inherently unpredictable, but hey, above all else we were trying to have fun and in the end the whole exercise turned out . . . okay. We certainly wish we’d done […]

News Flash: Technophiles Love Fast Casual Mexican Fare

Moe’s has the Most Tech Savvy Fans, Chipotle the Most “Social” Note: This is the first of a three-part blog series that CivicScience will feature on the chain restaurant industry in the U.S. Please check back in two weeks for our second post. When compared to the full US population, America’s leading fast-casual Mexican restaurants […]

Satisfaction with US Olympic Team Plummets in Final Days of the Games

A heart-breaking loss against Canada, followed by an embarrassing showing in the Bronze Medal game against Finland, sent the US Men’s hockey team home from the Sochi Olympics with a whimper. A podium shut-out for the U.S. speed-skating team and a late surge by the Russians to win the medal count (handily) all seemed to […]