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Millennials Have Interesting Regional Differences

Many marketers covet Millennials, conducting extensive research on what makes these consumers tick and to better understand their personas. CivicScience recently took a different approach in researching this demographic group, to drum up some fresh insights about our beloved 18-34 year olds. We wanted to see if there are any regional differences that are noteworthy, […]

Who is the Likely Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Watcher?

Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello are finally reemerging on the big screen. After 3 years of the movie getting pushed back, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are making their return in a new live-action concept. We wanted to better understand those who are most likely to see the movie, which comes out in August, and […]

Unplugged: 60% of Us Almost Never Are

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” – Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Twenty years ago, the term “unplugged” may have been in reference to the popular MTV acoustical show. Today, it is a nearly unheard-of concept for consumers, who are owners and users of a multitude of digital devices we never […]

Who Exactly are These “Un-American” Soccer Fans?

I have been amused at the reaction by many to the recent comments of hyper-conservative pot-stirrer Ann Coulter, who said: “Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation’s moral decay.” In her two-part soccer critiques (part 1 and part 2), she has simultaneously chastised the sport, its athletes, and its […]

Our New Client Service Leader Weighs in on CivicScience

by Leslie Rich, VP of Client Service at CivicScience:   I’m thrilled to join the very bright and motivated team at CivicScience!  I’m a geeky researcher by nature and knew from talking with everyone here that I would have no trouble fitting in, as we all share a love of research.  From my first conversation […]

Reading Between the Lines on Passionate Readers

Guest blog post by Carla Borsoi, Senior marketing exec and research alchemist I’m a passionate reader. My goal is to finish at least 50 books a year  – whether awesome graphic novels, new literature, fantasy, non-fiction, books about cocktails, or science fiction. I’m in great book club that reads all sorts of largely […]

Before You Hit the Bars This Weekend: Pool vs. Darts

I grew up shooting pool. My dad used to take me to the VFW when I was a kid and give me a handful of quarters to play 8-ball all night while he and his friends sat at the bar discussing what were undoubtedly the deepest philosophical topics of the day. Today I would probably […]

Second Screens and TV Viewing – An Analysis by Joel Rubinson

With 63% of U.S. consumers owning a smart phone and 40% owning a tablet as of early June 2014, the presence of second screen devices is affecting nearly every aspect of our life, for better and worse. Those devices are also competing with the incumbent ‘primary’ screen in most of our homes: the TV set. […]

Consumer Sentiment Volatile in Past 2 Weeks

Even though overall consumer sentiment about the U.S. economy remains above its 2014 average and is at a similar level from one year ago, a number of areas of our index are showing volatility. The following data is from the Economic Sentiment Index (ESI) that CivicScience produces in partnership with Hamilton Place Strategies, and the […]

Announcing our first-ever eBook: “101 Cool Consumer Insights”

Avid readers of our blog know that we are constantly churning out data and commentary about the consumer insights that we mine from our platform. So we figured, why not create a fun, entertaining, yet informative book that compiles lots of this stuff in one place? That’s exactly what we did — and we hope […]

The Great Chicken Wing Debate

Every once in awhile, we research a particular topic and I expect the results to come back 100 to 0. Questions like “What is the greatest NFL franchise of all-time?,” for example, should unanimously yield nothing but “Pittsburgh Steelers” as a legitimate response. After a recent debate in our office about the best part of […]