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The second eBook is here: “75 Show-Stopping Media Consumption Insights”

Our first eBook: “101 Cool Consumer Insights” was so popular, we decided to publish a second eBook focused on media consumption. The eBook is free to anyone who is interested in learning fun and interesting media consumption insights. In the eBook, readers will learn valuable insights on consumer sentiment, behaviors, and psychographic profiles across a […]

Social Media Now Rivals TV Advertising in Consumer Influence

The trendline we see is undeniable, even after we checked it several times to make sure there is  nothing awry: Social media looks like it’s about to overtake TV advertising in what consumers say is most influential on many of their consumption decisions. The question posed to consumers is a simple one: Which of these […]

Profiling the Various Holiday Shoppers

Retailers are in holiday mode, stocking shelves, hiring additional employees and gearing up their holiday marketing and advertising. According to The National Retail Federation, sales are expected to increase 4.1 percent to $616.9 billion during the 2014 holiday months of November and December. This is good news for retailers, but they will still need to […]

Measuring Consumer Sentiment Toward Companies’ Data Practices (Part 2 of 2)

Just how concerned are consumers about companies’ collection and use of their personal information? They measure at least 20 points higher on the issue of involuntary or unknown use of their data compared to on their own Internet data sharing practices. In part 2 of a 2-part series on consumer sentiment around data privacy issues, […]

Convenience Store Food Quality Winning Over Fast Food

The consumers have spoken: 53% believe that freshly made foods at a convenience store chain is of equal or higher quality than traditional fast food. This number jumps to 71% when eliminating those consumers who say they never eat at either types of businesses. Men, younger aged adults, urban dwellers, and those employed as skilled craft […]

Despite the Student Debt, College Education Increases Economic Confidence

“Is college worth it?” is a hot topic right now with rising student debt levels due to college education costs. Today a new report was released through CivicScience’s partnership with Hamilton Place Strategies, in which our joint Economic Sentiment Index (ESI) data was leveraged to examine the impact of both education levels and student debt […]

Buying In-Store vs. Online: What Consumers Value Most

Consumers care about different things when buying various products in a store or online, and with the holidays around the corner, it’s important for retailers to be mindful of consumer preferences while shopping. CivicScience today released three different retail reports, which highlight what consumers care most about when buying various products both in stores and online. The […]

Immediate Reaction to ESPN’s Suspension of Bill Simmons

After news of ESPN’s decision to suspend sports writer Bill Simmons over his recent Roger Goodell tirade hit the interwebs last night, we deployed a poll question to see how consumers were reacting. A little over 12 hours later we have a representative sample of 2,424 US adults to look at. Less than a day […]

Will You Spend More, Less, or the Same This 2014 Holiday Season?

Despite U.S. consumers having higher overall confidence levels in the economy and personal finances now than they did a year ago (see our ongoing Economic Sentiment Index), 77% of consumers say they will be spending the same or less this coming holiday shopping season. Only 13% say they plan to spend more. This is not […]

You Don’t Need to Have Kids to be Happy

I hope you’ve read the analysis we published on about the differences between parents and non-parents in the U.S. If you haven’t read it, here are the Cliff’s Notes: On most lifestyle metrics (sleep, fitness, diet, social life, travel, and entertainment), non-parents generally appear, according to the data, to have a better quality of […]

72% of Us Splurge on Ourselves – But Who Splurges on What?

For some of us, it’s more of a rare opportunity than for others: Being able to “splurge” on yourself. The amount of dollars involved in such a splurge may vary widely, based on income and/or personal beliefs. 72% of us do take those opportunities to splurge – but our choices on what that splurge involves also […]