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The Changing Netflix User

In the first quarter of 2015, Netflix added more subscribers than projected, tallying 4.88 million subscribers, compared to their forecast of 4.05 million new subscribers. In terms of U.S. customers, Netflix added almost half a million (0.48 million) more subscribers than the company had originally projected. The people who are using Netflix are all very […]

The Great Restaurant PR Flurry of 2015: Taco Bell

We were quick to jump on the news a few weeks ago when Chipotle announced that they would be banning GMOs from their menu, attempting to gauge whether the move would attract new diners. This led to a second wave of analysis into Chipotle’s long history of living and dying by the sword of foodie […]

The Food Ingredients and Additives Seen as Most Harmful

There are always new studies emerging and new articles informing us what to cut out of our diet, making it difficult for consumers to keep up with the latest food and health trends. The latest news and trends seem to focus on “clean eating,” and food manufacturers and retailers are making moves to capture the loyalty […]

Deconstructing Happiness: Wealth, Health, and… Cross-Overs?

If you search for famous quotes about “happiness” on, you will find 7,868 results from people ranging from Socrates to George Carlin. Though far short of the 40,006 quotes you would find about “love,” happiness is one of the most thought-about, spoken-about, and written-about topics in history. Deep thoughts on what comprises or defines […]

Pack up the Old Timers – We’re Off to the New Whole Paycheck!

By Jake Sedlock, VP of Client Development   My wife calls me cheap. I say “thrifty” or “careful.” I can’t be the only father in America who grimaces every time I see a Whole Foods bag on the kitchen counter. Perhaps the Whole Foods executive committee finally heard my silent screams of agony when they […]

Why is Chipotle Banning GMOs – and Why Now?

Research we published last week following Chipotle’s decision to ban GMO ingredients from its menu sparked a lot more feedback than we expected. It’s evident that many of our food industry clients watch Chipotle very closely and even a few of our non-QSR/fast casual clients look at them for inspiration. We heard a lot of […]

Why Spotify Users Are A Better Revenue Bet

There are so many companies taking the plunge into music streaming services or revamping their brand and platform to compete in the space. Consumers have the choice from a number of services – free and paid, such as Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, Beats Music, Google Play Music, and many more. Apple is even jumping into the music […]

Nutritional Beverage Consumption – Insights to Quench Your Thirst

We weren’t able to find a lot of recent research data in the public domain on the topic of packaged beverages of the “anti-soda” variety. And with the explosion of offerings on the market — everything from infused waters, organic juice blends, fitness shakes, smoothies, and nutrition-enhancing drinks — we wanted to better understand the […]

Will a Non-GMO Chipotle Usher in Even More Diners?

This week, Chipotle made major headlines when it announced it will stop serving GMO-derived foods in its restaurants. Chipotle has been a leader in more ‘ethical’ and humane supply chains, earlier this year suspending the sale of pork due to supplier issues regarding animal treatment. This latest announcement is a bold move in an industry […]

Hillary Clinton Fans and the Brands They Like

Strategic Brand Alignment On the heels of Hillary Clinton’s official presidential candidacy announcement, an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal referenced a missed advertising opportunity for brands on social media. Although the announcement news was a hot topic on social media, brands were hesitant to spend advertising dollars in promoted posts. According to digital […]

Take Your Child to Work Day is Awesome for Business

A couple Friday nights ago, my sister asked me to take her boyfriend’s 13-year-old son Adam to our office for Take Your Child to Work Day (“TYCTWD”). Adam’s dad had a conflict and was apparently curious about software. My own daughters, who had spent enough ‘day care’ time at CivicScience over the years, chose their […]