Transforming the Consumer Insights Function

At a Customer Advisory Board meeting a few years ago, we asked our attendees whether the leaders in their companies knew CivicScience could gather survey results in a matter of minutes. “No way,” said one of our clients, “they would never stop asking me for stuff.”

That day, we started thinking differently about the impact we can have for our partners.

Going from Passenger to Driver

Our advisory board member was not alone. Far too many consumer insights teams play the role of short order cooks. They run a handful of tentpole studies and segmentations, eyeball the results of their brand tracker, and otherwise wait to field questions from their internal stakeholders, run RFPs with vendors, and manage projects.

CivicScience has flipped all that on its head. Through a constant stream of real-time consumer data, our customized reports, and automated discovery tools, we turn insights professionals from emergency first-responders to proactive drivers of company strategy and executive decision-making.

CivicScience users answer critical business questions before anyone asks. They tell their leaders what’s important in the moment, what risks and opportunities are on the horizon, and what bets they should make on the future.

“We’ve transformed how insights are generated and shared with our partners, and CivicScience is a big part of that transformation. We've evolved from being a help desk to a proactive voice about what matters and why.” - Ashley Spring, Marketing Research Director, Ally

Predicting What’s Next by Knowing What’s Now

It all starts with our always-on syndicated database, containing more than 350,000 survey questions and over a decade of history. Millions of new responses are gathered daily about the most critical economic, cultural, commercial, lifestyle, and demographic forces in the world today – all viewable through the lens of a brand’s customers, potential customers, competitors, and the population at large.

By analyzing how all these forces affect one another, how they change by the minute, and how they ultimately affect – and predict - consumer behavior, CivicScience uncovers unexpected insights and trends before anyone else can see them.

“CivicScience surfaced the one game-changing insight that our army of analysts, consultants, and agencies couldn’t find.” - David Feick, VP of Insights, T-Mobile.

Less Hand Time, More Brain Time

Through a suite of self-serve tools, executive-ready reports, and white-glove services, CivicScience outfits our consumer insights partners with the information they need in the format they want it. Our machines and analysts do the laborious work, so you can provide the critical thinking, creative ideation, and winning recommendations to your leaders and stakeholders.

Be a hero, not an order taker, with CivicScience.